4 Ways to Build and Boost Your Law Firm’s Brand

Build and Boost Your Law Firm’s Brand, iMapping

Is your law firm doing everything it can to create and sustain an online presence? In this digital age, branding is as even bigger responsibility than ever. Here are four duties for you to increase your brand awareness.

Your Brand—A Definition

A brand is a concept that represents your company, product, and the people that it acts for. Most people refer to brands by a company’s name, logo, design, and advertisement. But more than those, your brand also consists of the general public’s perception and awareness of your law firm and its services. In other words, something that compels your audience to contact you is also a big part of your brand.

If you want to build trust and familiarity with your target clients, then you must improve your brand.  

How to Create a Sustainable Law Firm Brand

 Sustainable Law Firm Brand, iMapping

Duty 1: Understand your brand’s current public perception

It only takes 10 seconds for audiences to make up their mind about a brand. Some factors that affect how the public sees your law firm include the messages that you convey in your advertisements, your reputation, customer reviews, and their personal experience. 

Addressing customer feedback can help improve the public perception of your brand, as 97% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product. Going over their comments, monitoring your online mentions and searches, and asking for more feedback is a great way to improve your brand perception.

Duty 2: Review your content

The consistent brand presentation across all platforms boosts your revenue by 23%. As such, your content should be consistent across all your social media platforms. Moreover, what you publish should reflect your goals and values.

Put yourself in your target consumers’ shoes. An initial keyword search should make it easy to find. Moreover, your content must provide your potential buyers with a good customer journey—that is, you should offer valuable information that leads to engagement and ends with a favorable consumer decision. 

Duty 3: Use multiple marketing strategies

Make yourself available on multiple channels, iMapping

There are many activities to help you maintain your brand visibility online. These include launching an e-mail campaign, running a brand sentiment analysis, and optimizing your visual assets. These can help you not only improve your brand perception but also sustain a relationship with your loyal clients and invite even more potential customers.

To further boost your online visibility, you should make your brand accessible across a range of platforms. Over 70% of customers shop across multiple channels and these shoppers spend much more than single-channel shoppers. More than setting up a website, your law firm should then have presence on social media, map listings, online directories, and chat apps. 

Duty 4: Make yourself available on multiple channels

When using multiple channels, make sure that your content is appropriate to the platform. Your Instagram, for example, should showcase beautiful photos and videos, while your Facebook should provide the latest news and updates. One agency that helps lawyers with social media marketing is pr.business.

iMapping can also help you collect and sync your business information to a variety of navigation apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Here, and Bing with CarPlay, as well as voice search platforms like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.

All Set for Building a Cosmic Law Firm?

Don’t miss out on the chance to increase your law firm’s brand awareness. If you need more information on improving your brand, feel free to contact our team.