• 6 Reasons Why Map Listings Are Crucial to Business Success

    Claiming your space on map listings is another step you can take so search engines and potential customers can find your business faster. Let's take a look at some reasons why and how these listings help: 
  • Five Ways for Small Businesses to Attract New Customers

    Our five top tips on how to get more customers. 

  • How Your Business Can Show Up For Near Me Searches

    Going digital is one of the best ways to drive customers to your business. Nowadays, people look more toward searching for what they need online instead of physically looking for it themselves. People either type to search or use voice-enabled devices such as smartphones to ask where the nearest restaurant or shop is. This begs the question: How can your business show up for near me searches? 
  • How to Help Consumers Find Your Business Online

    Getting your business set up online is a great way to gain more customers. Nowadays, if you aren’t found online, then you’re almost non-existent. Even if you’re just starting out, you can be noticed by potential customers if you know how to help consumers find your business online. 
  • Why It’s Important for Businesses to be on Google Maps

    Establishing an online presence and becoming visible online are crucial for any business. Many local businesses are still figuring out how they can improve their online presence, and usually one of the things they are missing is being listed on major maps, such as Google Maps.  
  • Navigation Apps and Voice Search Platforms You Can Use to Rank Higher

    As a business owner, both navigation apps and voice search platforms play a role in your site’s rankings. When you optimize your website and list your business on these, you can boost your overall visibility.  They make it easy for customers and potential clients to look up more information about your business, such as reviews, store hours, and booking options.  
  • Local SEO Predictions for 2021

    Take a look at the local SEO predictions for 2021, and how you can optimize your local business and make it more digitally competitive next year.
  • How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

    If you have a brick-and-mortar store, foot traffic is essential to your business’ operations. While most transactions are now made online, some people still prefer to go to stores physically to determine whether or not they will purchase products or services. Foot traffic is also a wonderful way to encourage walk-in customers or those who become curious about your store as they are passing by.  
  • Reach Your Destination and More with Waze

    To reach their destinations, drivers have a variety of GPS tools at their disposal, with an estimated 30 million Americans relying on the free traffic and parking app Waze to determine the fastest and safest route.   
  • How Your Business Benefits from Apple Maps Favorites

    Apple's updates brought many new features to Maps that made navigation easier and faster than ever before. One of those features is a Favorites list, which gives users one-tap navigation to their frequently visited locations.
  • Experience Smart and Seamless Navigation with Here WeGo

    Here WeGo is one of the leading web mapping and navigation services today. With this app, getting around has never been easier. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality Here WeGo offers. 
  • Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: A Back-to-Back Review of the Pioneer Nav Apps

    Besides Waze, no other navigation app has been pitted so closely against Google Maps as Apple Maps, especially since its major upgrade on its 7th ...