• How to get found by customers on Google Maps through a Google My Business listing

    Your business depends on the customers in your surrounding area. One great way for customers to find your business is by being listed in Google Maps & more. Google My Business is not the only platform where you can list your business. There’s Waze, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Apple CarPlay, and others. Attain more details here.
  • How to Turn on Voice Search and Optimize it for Your Business

    Voice search continues to grow, it’s become a must for businesses to look into leveraging voice search for their digital marketing strategy. Take a look at voice search in more detail, why it’s important, how it impacts local SEO, and how you can enable voice search activation for your business.
  • How to Improve Digital Marketing for Dermatologists

    Dermatologists can save the lives of skin cancer patients and are also anti-aging miracle workers. As a dermatologist, the best way to treat your...
  • Local Business Listings: How Citations Can Boost Your Business

    Citation building can help establish credibility, improve SEO, and increase web traffic for your business.
  • 4 Ways to Build and Boost Your Law Firm’s Brand

    To further boost your online visibility, you should make your brand accessible across a range of platforms. Over 70% of customers shop across multiple channels and these shoppers spend much more than single-channel shoppers.
  • Maximize Google Assistant For Your Business

    Google Assistant can also help you attract more customers. As people recognize the advantages of using smart voice assistants like Google Assistant, there will come a time when almost everyone will own a device compatible with it. Even now, people use Google Assistant for various things, from playing music to getting the latest news to connecting with local businesses. 
  • Why You Need A Business Listing to Grow Your Dental Practice

    As COVID-19 cases start to dwindle, "Dentist near me” has become an increasingly popular keyword search. A 2022 report by the Delta Dental Plans Association state that 94% of adult Americans plan to visit the dentist this year. 

    Take advantage of this opportunity by updating your NAP (name, address, and phone number) or online business listing. This can help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO), increase traffic to your site, and build your clientele.

  • 3 Marketing Keys That Will Attract Parents to Your Daycare Center

      Opening your own daycare center soon? Congratulations! Running an early childhood facility gives you the privilege of seeing children grow in c...
  • 5 of the Best Websites to List Your Business On to Get More Customers 

    Listing your contracting business helps with SEO, and it’s one of the best ways to organically promote your business. Using a good SEO strategy can help your business site rank higher on local searches and it also helps enhance your credibility.
  • 4 Fulfilling Reasons to Use Online Directories

    With just a few taps on their phone, customers can quickly discover and transact with a business. In the US alone, 21% of consumers go on the Int...
  • 7 Tips to Increase Customers for Your Dog Grooming Business

    Pets play a significant role in our lives. They’re considered members of the family and are showered with just as much love and attention. More tha...
  • Improving Your Company's Online Visibility

    People will do business with you because they know, like, and trust you. If potential customers can't see you, how can you be all these things? People associate visibility with credibility. They won't choose your company if they don't know about it. That's why investing in your company's online visibility is an investment in its success.