10 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your Business on Google

 Find Your Business on Google

One of the best things you can do to increase traffic to your website and get people calling your company is to rank first in Google's infamous "3-Pack." Out of all the Google Maps listings, the Google Local 3-Pack displays three Google My Business listings.

Your company won't be able to appear in the Google Local 3-Pack if it is not listed on Google Maps. Here are a few factors that prevent your business from being listed on Google Maps.

Your Business has a New Address

If you recently relocated your business, log into your Google My Business account and update your address. Google will send you a postcard with a verification code if you try to change your address. Insert the verification code from your postcard into your updated business listing. Your Google My Business listing will then be updated with your new location

Your Business Listing Is Suspended

Your Business Listing Is Suspended

If your Google My Business listing has been suspended due to quality issues, it will not appear on Google Maps. Contact Google support if you need help getting your Google My Business listing up 

You’re in the Wrong Business Category

You can select two business categories in Google My Business. Ensure that the first business category is the best fit for your company. Then, choose a second business category only if it makes sense.

Your Listing is Missing Category Tabs

Google Maps uses category tags to help your business get more attention. You can select a primary category that describes the scope of your company. Then, include specific tags that indicate the services you provide. Your listing may become invisible if you do not include these tags.

Poor Website Experience

Google’s algorithm does not take kindly to spammy websites, websites that are not mobile-friendly, poorly coded, with long loading times, and those that have been hacked. If you need help optimizing your website, you can get a PR business to get it done for you.

You Share an Office Space

Google does not like it when one address is linked to multiple businesses. You can correct this by including a suite number in your address. If you are unable to add a suite number for whatever reason, contact Google and see how they can assist you in getting your business on the map... literally.

Incorrect Business Information


Ensure that your company's information is correct, down to the last detail. Check that your business phone number and address are correct, as well as your hours of operation. Your company's information will be added to navigation maps and voice search platforms if you sign up for one of our iMapping plans. We collect and sync your business information to these maps and voice search platforms: Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Here, and Bing + Car Play (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby).

You Have Fake or Spammy Reviews

Encourage genuine customers to leave you genuine Google reviews. One genuine review from a satisfied customer is much more preferable than ten fake reviews from people who live outside of your area. 

Not Updating Your Business Listing 

If you don't prioritize your Google My Business page with everything it has to offer, Google will notice that your profile is out of date. 

Know Your Distance

If your company's physical address falls outside of the area that Google considers the local market, your company will not appear on Google Maps when people search that area. The greater the distance between your business and the person's geographic location, the less likely you will appear on Google Maps.

If you need assistance in doing any of these things, contact us at iMapping today and make sure that your business is where it should be on Google.