Reach Your Destination and More with Waze


For many travelers and vehicle owners, the convenience of e-commerce can’t beat the thrill of driving to a brick-and-mortar business to dine, shop, or go on a staycation. To reach their destinations, drivers have a variety of GPS tools at their disposal, with an estimated 30 million Americans relying on the free traffic and parking app Waze to determine the fastest and safest route.   


Waze Users Are Interdependent 

In the world of Waze, drivers rely on each other's actual experiences for real-time updates about road situations. The app's voice-prompted, turn-by-turn guidance uses crowdsourced information about traffic jams, road accidents and closures, police speed traps, and natural disasters, all of which have made Waze a popular and reliable navigation tool.  

Moreover, its strong community user base is backed by approximately 30,000 volunteer map editors, some of whom spend 30-40 hours weekly editinWaze maps. The work of this team makes the app rise above Google Maps and Apple Maps. The frequent editing makes up for its lack of a restaurant booking and 3D street view features, which Google and Apple have.  


Waze Features Keep Fellow Drivers in Touch  

The app's chat allows you to explain an incident, get clarification about recommended route options, or simply to vent. You can also choose from an array of colorful emoji-like icons under the “Moods” feature to indicate your current emotional state.  

The app's playful interface, featuring graphics and customization options, makes it appealing to millennial and Gen Z users. What’s more is Waze’s integration with Spotify and YouTube which makes every road trip more pleasurable. 

Waze also has pins for keeping track of your favorite locations. Additionally, drivers can inform loved ones where they are through Share Your Drive. 


Waze Increases Foot Traffic to Businesses 

Any brick-and-mortar Business can get listed on Waze. Businesses can gain more visibility when they get listed on Waze since they now can be discovered and learned about by users that use Waze.  

Users open the app to look for businesses near them to visit. Depending what type of business they are looking for in their area, businesses will appear and they will see the businesses’ address, photos, opening hours, phone number, website, and onsite services. This then leads to more foot traffic to businesses after users discover and learn more about businesses near them on Waze. 


Get Listed on Waze Today 

Companies have already reported an increase in visits to their stores or offices by adding their business to Waze 

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