How to get a Siri business listing

 Siri business listing


According to a study done in 2018smartphone users in the U.S. find Siri as the most preferable voice assistantWith its continuing developments and growing user base, Siri remains to dominate the market. Thus, listing your business on Siri is a critical step in enabling your business to flourish. 

Below, we’ll discuss what Siri can do for your business and how to get a Siri business listing. 


What Siri can do for your business

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Since its launch in 2011, Siri has been one of the leading voice search assistants. Its popularity can be credited to two main reasons: its intuitiveness and accurate voice recognition.  

Today, over 50% of voice search users use it to discover local businesses, while 43% use it to buy products online. By using Siri, you can target and cater to these demographics and increase your potential revenue. 

Siri can also help streamline business operations. You can use it to schedule appointments, check stock status, check the weather, send e-mails, and more.


How to get your business on Siri

Without developing a Siri voice search strategy, you’d risk falling behind. Here are some quick tips you can follow:


  1. Claim your Siri business Listing
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You can claim your Siri business listing with iMapping, they sync businesses' information (name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and more) to Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, and moreThis allows your business to consistently appear on all the major voice assistant’s search results.  

  1. Optimize Your Keywords
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Siri voice searches are very specific. In a single voice search, a user usually includes the specific service/product they need and the locationall in a full sentence. You should focus on creating longtail keywords, writing FAQs, and geotargeted content on your website to meet these queries.  

  1. Use Reviews

Siri can now crawl through reviewsso consider getting reviews or customer testimonials as aSEO booster. First, make your business available on different review platforms. Then, build your reviews by encouraging your customers to leave feedback 

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The value of reviews in voice search optimization comes into play when popular search keywords like “best” or “number one” are used. If your feedbacks have plenty of theseyour page would not only rank higher in Siri’s search results, but it would give your business credibility as well.  


Get a Siri business listing with iMapping

Many businesses are still not on SiriStay ahead of the competition by working with iMappingThey will list your business on Siriother major voice search assistants and map platforms. This way, you can rank in voice search results, reach more consumers, and achieve business growth.  

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