Online Marketing Tactics for Florists to Drive Sales



The boom of online floral gifting in the U.S. under the new normal has intensified competition in the sector. Small farms market their flowers straight to consumers, bypassing florists or offering floral arrangement services themselves.

Amid these developments, the industry is optimistic, as existing shops and startups innovate ways to promote and sell flowers. They include subscription memberships, DIY floral arrangement kits, and partnerships with brands and fashion designers, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Growth is expected to exceed at least five percent annually until 2025.


Make the Most of Your Multi-Channel Approach

Having more than one engagement platform can broaden your brand's reach and appeal even during off-peak months. Here are the platforms that every florist should invest in and how to take advantage of them.


A website serves as your online store where you can educate customers about what you offer and accept orders. It should have:

  • A clean design showcasing your available floral supplies and arrangements.
  • Easy navigation, including a clear catalog of flowers and a convenient ordering process or checkout page.
  • Social proof as 69% of people shopping for flowers rely on recommendations before making a purchase. You can weave in testimonials and achievements on your About Us page.
  • Communication options such as live chat or phone.


  • Hyper-local

The current trend is to go "hyper-local" as opposed to simply local SEO that's geared toward larger areas such as cities or states. Hyper-local SEO targets specific communities by using names of neighborhoods, streets, or towns as keywords. Going hyper-local also includes partnering with online businesses within these places so you can feature each other on your respective websites.


  • Text description for images

Search engines rely on encoded words when scanning your website. Don't just upload high-quality images and videos—make sure you include "alt tags" or brief descriptions of them.

 Google ads

You can buy ads for highly searched keywords to appear on top of Google search results pages, above organic results. Aim for long-tail keywords—for example, "florists in Guilford, Indiana"—depending on your location for more qualified leads.


Social media

Besides uploading photos, use the power of video to highlight your skills and available flowers on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok. Engage the public by recording tutorials or going live to discuss products and tips.

Google My Business

Your floral business becomes more visible online when you create a Google My Business profile as the search engine:

Generates a marker for your business address in Google Maps.

  • Can include you in the search results page, possibly even in the high-ranking Map Pack, for queries related to your location or business category.
  • Displays your star ratings and reviews—and has a button for people to post reviews.
  • Allows prospective buyers to chat with you on Google Maps.

Voice search optimization

SEO can make your website optimized for Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants, which is gaining popularity over text-based search engines. This involves including conversational questions in your webpages to mimic natural or conversational language.


Get Your Floral Business More Easily Discovered through iMapping

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