Navigation Apps and Voice Search Platforms You Can Use to Rank Higher

maps and voice search

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing is voice search. Although it’s technically still considered an emerging technology, its considerably grown in popularity because of its ubiquity and convenience. Moreover, it allows users to multitask or conduct searches hands-free. 

When used with navigational apps like Google Maps or Waze, it helps customers get faster, better search results. 

As a business owner, both navigation apps and voice search platforms play a role in your site’s rankings. When you optimize your website and list your business on these, you can boost your overall visibility.  They make it easy for customers and potential clients to look up more information about your business, such as reviews, store hours, and booking options.  


Top Navigation Apps 

77% of smartphone users regularly use navigation apps. More people turn to these apps because they offer better directions and more information on local businesses. 

Google Maps


  • Google Maps 

Among navigation apps, Google Maps takes first place. In 2018 alone, it garnered more than 154 million US users—that's six times more than Apple Maps users. It’s also the preferred map, taking 67% compared to Waze’s 12%.  



  • Waze 

With over 25.6 million monthly users, Waze is the second most popular navigation app. It’s the app of choice by many because it makes traveling easier with its real-time updates.  

Apple Maps


  • Apple Maps 

Launched in 2012, Apple Maps is a dedicated navigation app for iPhone and iPad users. In 2018, Apple Maps had 23.3 million monthly users, making it the third most popular navigation app. 

Here WeGo


  • Here 

Here Maps provides highly accurate and detailed maps. It has extensive global coverage, covering 57 million kilometers in over 200 countries.  



  • Bing 

With 963.5 million unique visits in October 2019 alone, Bing is one of the most popular search engines in the US.  



  • CarPlay 

CarPlay is a smarter and safer way for users to look up a local business using their smartphones. It can be found in over 600 models of cars.  


Top Voice Search Platforms 

  • Alexa 

Alexa dominates the voice assistant market, ranking first with a score of 110. With Amazon’s smart speakers being one of the best-selling products on their website, the use for its built-in voice assistant has also been constantly growing.  

google assistant


  • Google Assistant 

Google Assistant takes second place, with a rating of 97.3. It can help you out with your tasks and assist you in finding local information.  



  • Siri 

In 2018 alone, 500 million devices used Siri, with 62% of iPhone owners using the assistant to do some research while driving.  



  • Bixby 

With over 10 million active users per month, Samsung’s Bixby has a significant user base in over 195 countries 



  • Cortana 

The Windows 10 voice assistant Cortana had over 100 million active users in 2016. With 8 billion searches conducted that same year, it’s become one of the most popular voice search platforms. 


Working with iMapping 

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