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Every day, millions of people use their smartphones to get turn-by-turn directions when exploring unfamiliar places. Whether for driving, riding in a taxi, or finding the right public transportation, navigation apps have made it so much easier for people to get around. 

Here Technologies is one of many mapping companies in the market today. While it is making life convenient for everyday people, it is also making marketing easier for local businesses. 

Discover how listing your business on Here can give you a competitive edge.


What Is Here WeGo? 

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Back in the ‘80s, Here had two goals in mind: digitizing maps and pioneering in-car navigation systems. Like NAVTEQ and Nokia, it managed to create advanced mapping technologies over the years. Now, it’s focused on developing location technologies, such as 3D maps with complex layers of information and insights.   

Here WeGo is a free app, which gives users turn-by-turn directions whether they are driving, using public transportation, or riding in a cab. It empowers the driving experience with accurate, up-to-date information, making every journey safe, fun, and stress-free. 

The app gives users all the information they need about their journey, including the cost of cab fares, bus tickets, parking areas, traffic delays, and more. Also, it has downloadable maps, which users can turn to when they have no network signal. 


Transform Your Business with Here WeGo 

Here WeGo empowers businesses in a myriad of ways. It can help make your business establishment more visible in online local searches. Getting your business listed on the platform enables you to reach out to locals and tourists who are on the move.  

By offering accurate real-time location data, as well as multimodal journey planning, the app can drive more traffic to your business, allowing you to engage with consumers you typically don’t serve. Using historical data, you can gauge demand shifts and move assets accordingly, which should help you improve profitability. 

You can also use location technology to grow and improve your time to market. With up-to-date city maps, you can avoid disruptions and delays in delivery services. As a result, you can reduce operational costs and enhance service efficiency. 


Keep Moving Forward 

Here WeGo delivers public transit information on 1,300+ cities around the world, including New York City, Paris, Milan, Melbourne, and Sydney. Wherever your businesses are located, the app can let you tap into consumers nearby. 

Needless to say, navigation apps enable you to increase your business’s visibility in local searches and reach clients on the move.  

iMapping can help you put your business on the map. Whether it’s Here, Google Maps, or Waze, it delivers crucial business information to consumers wherever needed.  

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