How Your Business Benefits from Apple Maps Favorites

apple maps favorites

Apple's updates brought many new features to Maps that made navigation easier and faster than ever before. One of those features is a Favorites list, which gives users one-tap navigation to their frequently visited locations.  

Maps is convenient for drivers and commuters alike as it delivers real-time traffic information to their favorite destinations, allowing them to plan their routes before they start their journey. Currently, anyone in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., and many other cities can access real-time transit schedules so that they can easily reach your store. 

The Benefits of Apple Maps Favorites 

If your business is listed on Maps, customers can add it to their Favorites to remember your store. Just like that, they can take note of any place that they want to visit again in the future.  

Every time they open the app, they’ll see a list of all their favorites, which should remind them to go back to your business again. It’s a simple yet effective way to encourage your customers to return.  

Since sharing is a built-in feature, your clients can tell their friends and family about your business and other favorite locations. That means it can lead new customers to your store.  

Swiping a favorite location from right to left will show a menu with a Share button. If they want to organize get-togethers or simply want to tell another soul about their great find, they can do just that from the app.  

Your customers can even share their estimated time of arrival to one or more contacts. Once your clients begin their journey, their contacts will be notified of their ETA. Simply put, it’s a convenient feature for planning meetups. 

How to Save a Location to Your Favorites 

Maps users can add must-see attractions and hidden gems to their Favorites list, so they can revisit them in the future. From parks and food trucks to other landmarks, users can take note of their frequently visited places, especially after a big move.  

Here’s how Apple Maps users can add places to their Favorites list. 

  1. Launch the Maps app on an iPhone or iPad. 

  2. Swipe up from the search bar to find the Favorites section. 

  3. Tap the Add button. 

  4. Type the address into the search bar, then click Search. 

  5. Select the result. 

  6. Click Done. 

Alternatively, your customers can add your business to their Favorites list by tapping on its location from the map. If they don’t know the address or name of your business, they can long-press the general area it’s in to mark the coordinates. Plus, they can share their favorite destinations with other contacts.  

Whenever a customer wants to access their favorite locations, they just have to swipe from the app’s search bar. If they decide to visit your store, they can tap on it to get turn-by-turn directions.   

To cater to the needs of modern consumers, you’ve got to get your business listed on Apple Maps and other navigation apps. 

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