How to Help Consumers Find Your Business Online

how to get found online


Getting your business set up online is a great way to gain more customers. Nowadays, if you aren’t found online, then you’re almost non-existent. Even if you’re just starting out, you can be noticed by potential customers if you know how to help consumers find your business online. 

There’s more to it than just setting up a websiteGetting found online requires the knowledge of how people think and what people are looking for. There are easy steps that you can follow to ensure that your business, even as a start-up, can be discovered by consumers who need your goods and services. 


How To Get Your Business Found Online

  • Website

The first step towards getting your customers to find you is by setting up a website. You set up a website by purchasing a domain name also known as a website address. Example: You then choose a service that hosts your website and a website platform to build your website on. 



  • Social Media

Next it's a good idea to create a social media page under your business name on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This will allow your customers to keep up to date with news about your business and your latest offers. Having social media pages also enable your customers to share it with their friends and leave feedback about your business.



map listing
  • Map Listings 

The next step is to make sure that your business is listed on popular map platforms such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and more. There are many popular online map listing platforms, so consider getting your business on as many maps as you can. 



voice search
  • Voice Search Listings 

Voice search is now becoming very popular, but it uses a different system than the traditional type-to-search. Ensuring that your business is listed on major voice assistants such as Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will allow your potential customers to search for you hands-free.  



  • Other Important Details 

Keywords are important. Your website and social media content must include keywords that revolve around the idea of your business. Using key phrases such as “hair salon with expert hair stylist” and “hair salon with nail spa” is a good addition to the content of your website and social media posts. 

All your online pages must have consistent contact details. This includes your business name, your physical address, and your phone number. This is a great way to make sure that different search engines, including the voice-enabled ones, bump you up to the top of search results.  


Services That Help You Get Found 

Getting found online is a lot of work, but there are services that help set up your business on the internet. iMapping is one such service that helps drive customers to your doorstep by listing your business on various map and voice search platforms, such as Google Maps, Waze, Alexa, Siri and morePut yourself on the map and let more customers find you today by visiting