How to Expand Your Fitness Center Online with Voice Search and Maps

Expand Your Fitness Center Online With Voice Search and Maps

Voice search is fast becoming one of the most common ways to look up products or services online. It’s very convenient, allowing users to do a hands-free Google search. But while useful, many small businesses are unaware of voice search engine optimization. But with over 58% of consumers using voice search to look up local businesses online, it would be remiss to ignore voice SEO strategies for online marketing.

Fitness centers are one type of business that can attract potential customers from mapping and voice SEO strategies. Because fitness is not an impulse purchase, people usually turn to search engines to research good fitness centers near them. A runner, for example, might use voice search to look up gyms for further training while running on a treadmill at home or around the neighborhood.

A 2019 Microsoft study found that these are the most widely used digital assistants:

  • Google Assistant – 36%
  • Siri (Apple) – 36%
  • Alexa (Amazon) – 25%
  • Cortana (Microsoft) – 19%

Voice Search and Mapping Trends

Voice Search and Mapping Trends

Experts believe that voice searches for local businesses will continue to thrive, as more people use voice assistants to search for local restaurants, shops, fitness centers, and other establishments. Smart speakers are also on the rise.

This means that local businesses must use voice search SEO in their marketing strategies in order to attract potential customers. Voice searches prioritize local listings, so having presence in navigation maps is also important.

How to Optimize Your Online Presence for Voice SEO

Establishing a good online presence is necessary for fitness centers to rank high in online searches, whether standard SEO or voice SEO. 

Claim Your Business Online

Make sure to claim your fitness center across the different platforms. Not only will it make your business credible, but it will also prevent others from claiming your business and providing wrong information that could hurt you.

Claim your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing to optimize your presence on Google Assistant. For Siri, you’ll need an Apple ID to claim your listing on Apple Maps. Alexa focuses on Yelp, so your fitness center should have a legitimate Yelp page with reviews and high-resolution photos. Finally, claim your listing on Bing Places for Cortana.

Accurate and Consistent Information Is Key

Accurate and Consistent Information Is Key

For all listings, make sure your business information—like address, contact number, and operating hours—is updated, accurate, and consistent. Even small but important changes must be reflected. A temporary closure, broken fitness equipment, new workout classes, and other information should be provided for best SEO results and better reviews. 

Leverage Your Reviews

Reviews help push your fitness center to the top of online searches. Even a negative review can work in your favor if you respond respectfully with your side of the story. Take time to thank those who wrote positive reviews, and don’t ignore valid criticisms. When customers see genuine concern from you, you get more reviews and better SEO ranking for voice searches.

Update Your Business Directories

Updating your business directories helps keep your listing fresh, and consequently, rank higher in search engines. If you need help updating your directory on major map and voice search platforms, iMapping can keep your fitness center up to date, so you’re confident about your online presence there. Keep in mind that more than two billion people use navigation maps and voice search platforms to research local businesses, representing a gold mine of potential customers.

Manage Voice SEO with Business Intelligence Marketing Software

Many tools and software are available online for you to optimize your online presence for voice search SEO. Your fitness center will benefit from voice search optimization, especially as it is mainly a local business that caters to people living nearby.

Expand your fitness center by listing it online with iMapping. Contact us today to put your business on major maps and voice search platforms.