How to Get Your Business Listed on Apple Maps and Why It Matters

how to get business on apple maps


Similar to the other major navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze, Apple Maps has become an important platform for local businesses. This past year, Apple Maps has made great improvements, enough to rival Google Maps in terms of features and capabilities.  

Having your business listed on major navigation apps is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Being listed on these applications helps your clients find your business. This makes you more visible, especially in the local business scene, where you have many competitors in the same industry. 

How else can local businesses benefit from being listed in navigation maps? How do you get listed? This article’s got you covered.  


Apple Maps Capabilities 

When it was first launched, Apple Maps had its fair share of shortcomings. Continuous improvements have been done in recent years, like a Look Around feature that shows and navigates views fluidly. It has also improved its vegetation and building structure data, giving its users a more comprehensive view of an area. Additionally, it’s working on providing indoor maps of public structures like airports and malls. With its improvements, the app features more accurate maps with better load times and details.  

With over 23.3 million users, Apple Maps is slowly gaining traction as one of the preferred navigation apps by users.  


Getting Your Business Listed 

Millions of people turn to navigation apps to search for businesses. Around 77% of smartphone owners use navigation apps regularly!  

Getting your business listed on navigation apps is another way to effectively engage with your customers. Your listing gives them easy access to pertinent information about your business, such as your contact details, store hours, and even your business type.  

iMapping can help add your business to apple maps and other major maps, increasing your visibility and helping you reach out to more clients more conveniently. 


How to Add your business to Apple Maps with iMapping

1. Visit iMapping’s website and choose between our quarterly or annual plan.

2. Select your business industry and category. Check the box if you want to publish your business address and then click select plan to continue to the next page.

3. On the next page you're brought to your cart, click checkout. You then provide the rest of your business details and click continue.

4. The last page you input your payment information and billing address and click submit to sign up.

5. You’ll receive a receipt of your purchase via email and an iMapping representative will get in touch with you to complete setting up your business on the navigation apps.

Once all the steps have been completed, your business information will be synced to map listings and navigation platforms. This makes it easier for clients to learn more about your business and even do an in-store visit, thus increasing your traffic and presence online. Your business details will also be improved and optimized regularly for map search. 

More and more people turn to navigation apps to learn more about a local business. Use technology and apps to your advantage so that you won’t get left behind. Start optimizing your business for navigation apps today. 

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