How Google Maps is Transforming the Local Business Scene

Google Maps Business

Google Maps is constantly evolving to cater to local businesses. Given how it is the most popular mapping app in the United States, being listed on Google Maps can put your business at the forefront. With more and more people turning to search engines and navigation apps to find out more about local products, services, and establishments, local business owners would do well to optimize their business for these platforms. 

Google Maps holds a world full of potential, especially in such a competitive market. It can serve as a repository for all pertinent information, like operating hours, contact details, and even reviews that a customer may need when looking for a local business. Having your business listed on a major navigation app like this can drive an increase in traffic, sales, and a larger customer base.  

Here are some surprising Google Maps Statistics that can show why the platform is important for local businesses. 


Google Maps Statistics 

  • Google Maps has 1 billion users per month

    With more than 1 billion monthly active users and presence in more than 220 countries, this navigational app can help your business become more visible to a wider audience. This increases your business’s potential to attract new customers.  

  • 67% of smartphone owners prefer Google Maps

    Most smartphone users opt for Google Maps over other navigation apps. Having your business listed here can make it six times more visible to audiences, compared to the second-most popular navigation app, Waze. 

  • 86% of people turn to Google Maps to find a business

    More people use Google Maps to find out the location of a business. Having your business listed on Google Maps can help with its Google rankings, which would make it easier for customers to find.   

  • 72% of consumers take action after a local search

    People who do a local search are more likely to take action by visiting your location, especially if your business is just within a 5-mile radius. 


    Google Maps Search Trends 

    Here are some of the most popular searches done using Google Maps since 2017: 

    There has been a 150% growth of “[business type] near me now”. 

    A 200% increase has been seen using keywords like “open”, “now”, and “near me”. 

    Searches for “[business type] near me today/tonight” have increased by 900%. 


    Utilizing Google Maps for Your Business 

    Aside from boosting visibility and strengthening online presence, a business listing on Google Maps can also help you build brand credibility. The platform allows your business to collect and display star ratings and reviews, which would help draw potential clients. This also helps increase website traffic and drive sales.  

    While this might seem like a challenging feat for local business owners, it’s not entirely difficult. iMapping can help put your business on the top navigation platforms like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Here, and Bing. Choose from its quarterly or annual plans and reap the benefits of being listed on Google Maps.