How Do I Get My Business Listed on Waze, Top Online Maps?

how to add my business to Waze

Given the continuous increase of digital consumption and reliance among consumers, your business needs to be easily found online.  

Getting listed on a navigation app is now one of the most effective ways to expand your customer reach. Statistics show that 74% of consumers use these apps to search for establishments within their locality at least once a week. 56% of these consumers are likely to visit the shops that they searched for online. This shows that your business’s presence on a navigation app can actually help drive more traffic to your storefront.   

To expand visibility you need to establish your company presence on navigation apps such as Waze and other major apps.   


How Do I Add My Business to Waze?

A platform like iMapping can help your business gain more prominence on today’s most widely used digital apps. These include Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Bing, Here, and CarPlay.  

Enable us to assist your business in getting listed on these leading apps through these simple steps: 

1. Check out the scope of our subscription plans before selecting between a quarterly or annual plan

2. Enter details about your business that can help your current and future clients locate and get in touch with you faster, such as business name, address, phone number, and industry.

3. Click "Sign Up."

An iMapping representative will contact you after you sign up to add your business to Waze. 


Why Waze? 

Google Maps continues to enjoy brand leadership, and Apple Maps got a popularity boost with the 2020 launch of its upgraded version. However, Waze is also a serious contender. Acquired by Google in 2013, the app has around 130 million active users worldwide per month. 

Waze enjoys a huge following due to its travel updates that other users upload in real-time. These updates include information about speed traps, construction roadblocks, and police and traffic light presence. Moreover, the app allows you to download and view maps offline so you can drive to your destination confidently even when you lose Wi-Fi connectivity. 


Other Platforms in iMapping's Plans 

When you sign up for our quarterly or yearly plans, your business would also appear on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Here, and CarPlay. 

Bing Maps listing allows your business to be spotted quickly by Windows users, as the app is the default search engine of Microsoft devices.  

Meanwhile, location data from the Here platform supports enterprises that operate delivery fleets and help them network with other suppliers to get their business moving. 

Finally, Apple phone owners can use CarPlay to make their mobile apps, including navigation platforms, available on their vehicle's dashboards, allowing for hands-free location searches, messaging, and calls. 

Let iMapping Get You Listed on Top Navigation Apps 

Make iMapping your partner in wielding these digital marketing tools to strengthen your brand identity. 

We’ll assist you in claiming your company on business directories that are connected with Google and Bing Maps and on mobile apps such as Waze. We’ll help make your business easier for customers to find. Through setting up your listings, we help your business improve market relevance and engagement. 

Contact us and subscribe to one of our available plans.