How Apple CarPlay Can Drive Local Business

Apple CarPlay Drives Local Business

Apple CarPlay makes it safer for everyone to use their iPhones while driving. Equipped with a new and improved dashboard, users can listen to tunes, ask for directions, and get Siri suggestions with minimal distractions. Available across 500+ car manufacturing models, it gives users a consistent and familiar interface on any car that it supports. 

The rise of in-car voice assistants has also been good for local businesses. Since they enable locals and tourists alike to discover new and hidden gems in the area. 

Let’s take a look at how CarPlay can drive local business. 

Optimized for Driving

Siri CarPlay

Siri in CarPlay allows for hand-free controls and is tailored for driving scenarios, so a user never hato take their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. 

This is great for businesses if they are listed oCarPlay. As it helps consumers find their business handsfree while driving. Users can quickly access must-see destinations and local businesses in unfamiliar areas on the go

Whether a user is looking for a nearby gas station or a restaurant, they can easily get detailed directions and the fastest routes to their destination. 

CarPlay makes it easier for consumers to look for businesses in the area while driving, which is very convenient for local business owners.  

Safer for YouConsumers 

The hands-free nature of voice technology is the primary driver of in-car voice usage in the US. As CarPlay adds more smart functionalities and apps, it will become even safer and much more convenient for drivers.  

That’s all the more reason to ensure your business is listed on CarPlay. It will help you reach more consumers while they’re walking, driving, or cycling, they’ll be able to spot your business when they’re in the area. 

List Your Business on CarPlay 

iMapping can list your business on CarPlay. They’ll collect and sync all your business information to CarPlay and keep your information up to date. 
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