Buying, Moving, or Selling Your Business? Here's How to Update Your GMB Listing

 Update Your GMB Listing

Are you buying, moving, or selling your business? Whether it's a brick-and-mortar store, an online shop, or a service-based venture, updating your Google My Business (GMB) listing is essential. Your GMB page is critical to preserving and protecting your digital profile, making sure potential customers know where to find you.

Is Your GMB Listing Updated When Your Business Moves?

Relocating your business requires updating your GMB listings so that customers know where to find you. You should check Google Maps at least three months in advance to ensure the address appears correctly, including directions and other map features. Your GMB dashboard can be updated with the revised address and current information including photos and operating hours. To stop the old address from appearing in search results, click "Closed."

Updating Your GMB Listing if You're Selling Your Business or Location

If you're selling your business, you'll want to update your GMB listings as soon as possible. You can do this on your own or share access with the new owner, so they can take over the GMB page. Alternatively, if you're selling only the location, you can just delete the location from your page.


How do you update your GMB listing if You're Buying a Business?

An important factor to consider if you're buying a business is how much it'll change in terms of branding, naming, and operations. If there’s considerable difference, set yourself up with a brand-new Google listing that reflects your new identity, so you won't miss out on relevant searches that customers would've made for the former business. If the change isn't significant, you can just update the existing GMB listings with any relevant changes to its name or address.

Consolidate and Streamline Your Local Listing Management

GMB listing optimization is essential to make sure your business appears at the top of search results, especially when there are changes occurring. Local directory sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are the go-to options, but maps and voice search like Alexa and Google Assistant are gaining more traction due to their convenience and accuracy. If you don't know how to get your business listed on Alexa voice search, for instance, you can use mapping tools that help consolidate, streamline and optimize local listing management.

Final Thoughts

Updating your GMB listing when buying, moving, or selling your business is essential, so customers know where to find you and get accurate information about business changes. With these steps in mind, you can ensure that GMB listing optimization is seamless and streamlined, protecting your digital profile and boosting visibility in the process. You can unlock the power of digital navigation with the right partner, and iMapping can help you do that.

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