The Top Business Directories To Be Listed On

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When it comes to marketing a business, it’s more important than ever to build and maintain a great digital presence. While this includes a website and social media pages, there are more opportunities on other platforms where you can potentially reach customers and increase your brand awareness.  


In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best online local business directories, maps, and navigation apps to add your business to so that you can reach as many customers as possible. 

1. Google Maps 

Besides your business listing on Google My Business, you can also add your business to Google Maps. This lets you refine your business details further and allows your customers to more easily discover your business’ location when they use Google Maps to search for a product or service that they need near them. 

2. Apple Maps 

As the default Map application for Apple devices, listing your business on Apple Maps gives you access to over 1 billion active devices. Not to mention, Apple users who like using Siri to search for businesses will natively be taken to Apple Maps. 

3. Waze 

Also owned by Google, Waze currently has up to 30 million active users in the US alone and is a preferred navigation app across both major smartphone platforms. Listing your business on Waze can potentially open you up to more customers through discovery and ads. 

4. Here 

Here is transforming the way the world will interact with local businesses They have created mapping technology and in-car navigation systems that use three-dimensional maps. These maps grow upwards, breathing with layers of information and location data. Listing your business on Here’s three-dimensional maps will maximize the potential of consumers finding your business. 

5. Bing Maps 

Users who use Bing’s search engine can find businesses on Bing Maps. Millions of consumers search Bing every day. It’s owned by Microsoft and is the default search engine on millions of computers. Listing your business on Bing Maps will help you become more visible to online customers who use the Bing search engine. 

6. Car Play 

CarPlay is a smarter, safer way for customers to use their smartphones while driving to find your business location with ease. It is found in more than 500 car models, from a Toyota all the way to a Porsche. More than 240 million cars will be equipped with CarPlay by 2023 helping customers drive to the desired locations including businessesAdding your business to CarPlay gives you the opportunity to gain new traffic.  


List Your Business on These Top Directories Today 

These business directories, maps, and navigation apps will help you grow your business, but it could prove challenging especially for smaller teams to accomplish. With the help of business listing management providers such as iMapping, you’ll have an easier time positioning and maintaining your business listings on these online directories.