The 3 Best Navigation Apps of 2020

best navigation apps


In a tech-savvy world, mobile-first connections drive local businesses instead of sidewalk signs and coupons. Over the years, the best navigation apps have made it easier for consumers to discover local stores, especially when they’re in unfamiliar areas. At the same time, they’ve enabled brands to engage and build meaningful connections with their consumers. 

Since there’s a myriad of them online, it’s often difficult to decide which ones are worth using.

Here, we delve into the top three navigation apps on the market:

Best Navigation Apps

Google Maps is the world’s leading navigation app, which is no surprise because  it offers real-time ETAs, offline maps, street views, and satellite images.  

Google Maps

Tourists looking for a restaurant in an unfamiliar town will open the app in search of a place to satiate their cravings. Let’s say you do own a restaurant in the area, which you’ve already listed on the platform. It will come up in their search, along with essential business information. 

In a few clicks, consumers can see where you’re located, what time you open, and what you serve. They’ll be able to access your phone number, website, and booking options. Also, they’ll see reviews and photos all in one place. 

It goes without saying: add your business to Google Maps to expand your reach. Make sure to also optimize your listing for improved visitor engagement.  


  • Apple Maps 

Apple came under fire when it first launched its navigation app in 2012. However, a lot has changed since then. Perhaps one of its greatest advantages is that it’s constantly being revamped. On top of that, every Apple device comes with a built-in Apple Maps app, making it accessible to its ever-growing user base. 

Apple Maps

It’s integrated with Siri, which makes it mobile-friendly. Consumers can conduct voice searches from the platform whenever they’re on the move. They can also access local business information, deals, and turn-by-turn directions using the voice assistant. Additionally, it offers non-driving navigation for consumers who are walking, cycling, or using public transportation.  

The process to add your business to Apple Maps is quick and easy 


  • Waze

Waze is the largest community-based navigation app on the market. Its users can report traffic jams, accidents, and speed traps, giving everyone up-to-date maps in real-time. Millennials tend to prefer this app due to the community feature and its sleek, modern design. 


Compared to other navigation apps, Waze is very geared towards divers. It constantly shows drivers the nearest businesses to stop at on their current route. 

It’s very beneficial to add your business to Waze if want to reach the millennial generation and more drivers that are looking for a business to quickly stop at on their route! 


Listing Your Business on the Best Navigation Apps 

Navigation apps are changing the way businesses connect and interact with consumers. If you want to reach prospects while they’re driving, commuting, or walking, you should list your business on these navigation apps.