Get Your Business Found With Waze

add your business to waze


Getting listed on navigational apps like Waze is one way of making your business more visible. Several users turn to these appto look for local businesses and find out more information about them.  

Read on to Learn more about the popularity of Waze, how Waze can benefit your business, and how iMapping can add your business to Waze and other major navigational apps. 


Why Waze? 

Waze is a community-based navigational app that has been in the market since 2007. It has an estimated 130 million monthly users in around 38 countries. In 2018, in the US alone, it was recorded to have around 25.6 million monthly users. 

Waze shows business locations, as well as other points of interest, and offers a good way to check out the neighborhood and what it has to offer. It delivers real-time traffic updates gleaned through crowdsourcing and can help users map out more efficient traffic routes and locate shortcuts.   

The app is also particularly useful for entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses more visible to a wider audience.  


Benefits of Adding Your Business to Waze 

66.8% of smartphone owners use their device monthly to conduct searches and to find out more about a product or a service. That number is expected to grow to 67.6% by next year. Having an established presence on navigational apps can translate to increased website and store traffic, purchases, and higher revenue.  

Apps, like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps, among others are used not only in navigating through traffic but also in finding local businesses.  

Having a Waze business listing can help increase your business’s visibility and reach. It utilizes a location-based search that allows your business to be found on various navigational platforms. Being more visible gives your store, product, or service a bigger opportunity to attract more customers. Being visible means that users can look up not just the directions, but also your business’ photos, operating hours, and even contact details. Getting listed on Waze is a proactive step toward making your business grow. 

add your business to waze

Add Your Business to Waze with iMapping 

iMapping can help make your business easier to discover or locate by listing it on all the major navigational app platforms, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Here plus be in 500+ car models that support CarPlay. 

With the growing number of individuals who turn to their smartphones and use app platforms for navigation, having a business that’s optimized for navigational app platforms is essential for business growth. Make a bold move and start seeing results. Get your business on these major navigational app platforms today by signing your business up to one of our iMapping plans: