What Value Can Your Apple Maps Presence Bring To Your Business?

Benefits of apple maps


Apple Maps is the top map search and navigation app across Apple devices by a factor of 3x, along with over 5 billion transactions per week. This shows us how beneficial it is to have your business listed on Apple Maps.  

Here are some of the ways through which presence in Apple Maps can help boost your business: 


  • Being visible to a large base of potential users 

Apple devices count for 1.3 billion active gadgets worldwide, and iPhone users, particularly with their affinity to technology and the value they put on convenience, will most likely use Apple Maps to search for local businesses. 


  • Being accessible to high-spend consumers 

Research has shown that several iPhone users are mid- to high-income earners. As evidenced by their purchase of Apple devices, which tend to be expensive, they have sufficient buying power and are willing to spend on products or services that can improve their lifestyle.   


  • Users Can Share Places They Love with Collections 

Apple Map came out with a new feature that lets users easily build and share lists of their favorite restaurants, places they want to visit or top sites for their next big vacation using Collections. This feature can help more consumers find out about your business. 


  • Getting recommended by Siri 

Apple’s highly-popular virtual assistant, Siri, is highly integrated with Apple Maps. In fact, a number of Siri’s native voice commands for maps only work with this app. Since Siri is one of the most-used voice assistants on mobile, it would make sense to capitalize on this trend and optimize your business for these kinds of hybrid searches on voice and maps. 


Avoiding the risk of being obsolete 

Apple has been continually reinforcing its dedication to the improvement of Apple Maps. As more features get integrated, you’ll be able to extract better insights on your current and potential customers whenever they search for a business. 

Whether you’re a tech-savvy business owner or a fledgling entrepreneur who’s just getting into the groove of marketing your business online, you’ll find out that online business listing sites and location-based services such as Apple Maps can be an integral part of your business’s growth.  

If you need help in setting up and managing these platforms, seeking assistance from a listing management provider, such as iMapping, can help you add your business to Apple Maps and other maps and navigation platforms so you can maximize your reach potential.