Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: A Back-to-Back Review of the Pioneer Nav Apps

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Besides Waze, no other navigation app has been pitted so closely against Google Maps as Apple Maps, especially since its major upgrade on its 7th anniversary in 2020.  

Having caught up with so many features that are comparable to Google Maps, is Apple Maps ready to replace its rival as the world's leading virtual map? Let's see how the two stack up.  


  • User Interface  

What you see on the display of each platform has become more visually similar over time. The latest reboot of Apple Maps puts it on par with—if not ahead ofGoogle, now on its 14th year, with the inclusion of Look Around, which is the equivalent of Google Map's Street View, only that Apple's version is more fluid and crisp. The vector graphics used for Apple Maps' satellite view (flyover mode) also makes it more photographic than Google Maps. 

Moreover, the turn-by-turn navigation of Apple Maps' has also become more polished than Google's with its available 3D map view.  


  • Directions and Travel Options 

Google Maps offers you the most convenient route while warning you of incidents or delays along that route. It also shows alternative routes, giving you a choice if you're in a rush. Moreover, Google Maps lets you know your estimated travel time via different transportation modesprivate vehicle, bicycle, bus, train, or plane—and on foot.  

Apple Maps also generates multiple routes, starting with the safest and fastest option on top. However, it still doesn't show a travel-by-bike option and whether transportation has wheelchair access. Apple Maps is also still lagging behind the expected time of arrival information, failing to provide estimated times for some destinations. 

Both maps have integration with Uber and Lyft. 


  • Establishment Markers 

Google Maps has larger and brighter icons and text to identify stores and restaurants compared to Apple Maps. Google also offers more sidebar information about an establishment from its description and store or office hours to times of the day when activity peaks. 

Both maps allow you to make reservations at select restaurants via OpenTable. 


  • Review and Ratings 

Both maps allow for users to post reviews within the platformApple Maps is reportedly shifting from sourcing its reviews from Yelp and Foursquare to its in-house rating system.  

Businesses can gain more customers if they have a lot of positive reviews and ratings on these maps. 


  • Accessibility 

You can access Google Maps from CarPlay, Android or iOS devices, including the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, Apple Maps is exclusively available on iOS and macOS devices. 


Due to Google's experience, Google Maps has an edge over Apple Maps. However, Apple Maps users in the iOS software ecosystem are likely to opt for Apple Maps as it comes built in with their devices.  


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