Apple Maps Features You Should Know About

apple maps features


23.3 million—this is the number of unique users that accessed Apple Maps in just one month, as reported by Statista in April 2018. With Apple launching the redesigned Maps, this number would likely increase twofold. If your business isn’t on Apple Maps yet, now is the best time to have your business listed there. 


Apple Maps Features 

Apple continually updates its Maps to make it easier and more enjoyable to use. Since the beginning of this year, Apple Maps now offers more accurate navigation and a more detailed view of surrounding structures, such as foliage, pathways, and buildings. Its new features include real-time transit schedules, flight status sharing, natural

apple maps place card

language guidance, and many more, all designed to aid consumers better. Aside from these enhancements, there are also additions that can be beneficial for businesses. Through Apple Maps, you can extend your online reach and make your business more visible to thousands of iOS device users in your area. 

  • Place Cards 

The updated Place Cards for businesses is now easier to use and provides more information to users. If a user looks up a movie theater, for instance, the movie schedule for that day is also shown. Users can also contact you faster using the Business Chat button. 

  • Look Around 

    apple maps street view

This new feature shows the street-level view of locations. It also highlights places of interest, like restaurants, shops, parks, and other establishments using icons and place names. It makes it easier for users to easily identify a place. 

  • Indoor Maps 

Now, Apple Maps users can find your business even if it’s located inside a mall. The Indoor Maps feature shows users what level they’re on when inside malls or airports, and they would be able to find the locations of stores, restaurants, and restrooms easily. 

  • Favorites 

As a business owner, you’d want to have a coveted spot in every user’s Favorites  list. This feature allows one-tap navigation to specific places that a user visits frequently. 

  • Collections 

Aside from Favorites, you’d also want to get a spot in Collections. This feature enables users to build lists of the places they often go to, the places they want to visit in the future, top sites, and whatever lists they want. Most importantly, these lists can be shared with other Apple Maps users. 


Get Your Business On Apple Maps Through iMapping 

iMapping can list your business name, phone number, location, company website, and other relevant information on Apple Maps, and increase your chances of ranking on Apple Maps and other popular maps. 

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