5 Online Strategies to Boost Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

5 Online Strategies to Boost Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

In the highly competitive world of automotive repair, your marketing strategy is as valuable as having the right tools and supplies for growing your client base. The right digital marketing strategy can help you stand out in this field, where 278,075 auto mechanic businesses operate across the U.S.

Attract Fresh Customers to Auto Repair Shop

Nearly 20% of American households require auto repair service at least once a year. How can you market your services effectively to this segment of the population? Yes, your credibility hinges on your integrity and customer service. However, your good name must also reverberate within the online community through the first strategy: to create and promote your brand through social media.

The Automotive Service Association reported that over 90% of consumers use the internet to determine where to get auto repair services. Moreover, 88% of internet searchers believe that online reviews are as trustworthy as recommendations from family and friends.

With 75% of internet users researching on social channels to learn about brands, social media marketing has become an essential component of auto service providers' marketing strategy. Check which platforms your competitors are in and create accounts on those social networks.

How Can I Promote My Auto Repair Shop?

Establishing your online presence is necessary so consumers can find you when they're shopping around for repair services. To be more visible to the internet-based public, consider creating an auto shop website.

Having an official social media channel isn't enough. Business credibility is now also equal to having a well-functioning website. You can set it up through website builders if you have some technical background. Otherwise, hire an agency to create a professional and responsive web design where people can read details about your services and auto repair costs.

How to Gain More Customers in Your Auto Repair Shop? 

You can use your website and social channels to widen your customer base even more by doing the following:

1. Use Google Ads

Use Google Ads

Buying Local Ads on Google can put you on top of the search engine results page, above organic results. People making "auto repair near me" searches are more likely to find you with such ads.

2. Use Google Maps

More than 60% of consumers use search engines to find local businesses. iMapping can list your business on the most popular online maps. Our team verifies the accuracy and completeness of all your business data, which are necessary for drawing in leads and promoting loyalty among existing customers.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Your shop can appear prominently in SERPs when your web pages contain keywords directly related to your industry and geographic location. Also, make your website ready for voice search by reading our guide.

Focus On Online Marketing

While referrals through word of mouth are vital to acquiring new customers, you need online marketing to affirm your shop's brand identity online. To prevent your auto repair shop from being left behind from the competition, incorporate the steps above into your existing online marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats high-quality service and surprising customers when they hire you for vehicle issues. But for your business to thrive, you must make your shop easily found on the online platforms where your potential clients hang out. iMapping can make your business name more discoverable by listing it on the maps of today's top business directories, such as Google My Business and Bing Places. Contact us today for more information.