5 Actionable HVAC Marketing Strategies for 2022

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HVAC companies should have an effective digital marketing strategy if they want to compete and succeed in today's environment. Online presence and social media proof are important tools to increase consumer trust in any business. 

Digital marketing can be challenging to navigate, but following some of the best practices can help a company stay competitive.

Here are 5 actionable and easy-to-implement digital strategies you should include in your HVAC marketing plan. 

5 Actionable HVAC Marketing Strategies 

#1 Be Google Guaranteed and run Local Services Ads

When consumers google HVAC contractors, you want your business to appear at the top of search results. These consumers are ready to buy and are looking for business information. 

By becoming Google Guaranteed, Google verifies the authenticity of your business, giving consumers confidence in your reliability. This also allows you to run Local Services Ads that are guaranteed to always claim the top position in every search result. 

#2 Leverage navigation maps and voice search platforms 

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The latest statistics show that 86% of consumers will check a business’s location on Google Maps, and 28% of these searches end up in a purchase within the day. Meanwhile, millions of Apple users navigate using Apple maps and trust its recommendations.

With more consumers using navigation apps to search for local businesses, you need to ensure that your business information on these apps is correct.

Navigation platforms automatically populate business information, but these are sourced online and may not be accurate. Claiming your listing helps you make sure that your business information is up-to-date. It also increases your HVAC business’s visibility and consumer trust.

Meanwhile, optimizing your content for voice search allows more customers to find your business. Almost 60% of consumers have discovered local businesses through voice search.

#3 Ask customers for online reviews

Online reviews improve your business’s SEO rankings and brand perception. Nearly 80% of consumers trust online feedback, making it as powerful as personal recommendations. 

Your HVAC business should get regular and consistently high reviews to become relevant. Consumers don’t trust reviews older than 3 months, and having sparse reviews is just as bad as having low review scores.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to ask customers to leave you an online review after performing a service. 

#4 Create educational and how-to videos

There’s a huge potential in video marketing for HVAC businesses. When consumers want to learn how to do something, such as “change an HVAC filter,” they turn to YouTube. 

Google reports that 86% of consumers check out YouTube for new information like how-to tutorials. By creating this kind of helpful content, consumers are more likely to remember you when they need HVAC services.

#5 Develop an engaged audience through social media


HVAC contractors can benefit a lot from having an active social media presence. When you share industry news, customer reviews, how-to guides, and relatable anecdotes, you create an engaged audience that becomes loyal to your brand.

The best platform for HVAC contractors is Facebook since its userbase would include more homeowners who would need HVAC services. You can begin by creating a Facebook Business Page and joining local community groups where you can increase awareness about your HVAC services.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Better Sales

It’s time to adopt new HVAC marketing strategies. Ignoring these strategies could lead to lost sales, decreased brand relevance, and stunted business growth. 

Turn to digital today, and get found with iMapping. Our team can help you increase your business’s visibility through major navigation apps and voice search platforms.