3 Ways Your Business Can Reach More Customers on Google


Without customers, it’s impossible for any business to thrive. Luckily, today’s digital landscape presents businesses with plenty of valuable tools that help them connect with their customers more easily.  

Take search engines, for instance. They’re not just repositories for information3 out of 4 individuals use search engines to discover a business. Typically, people who do these local searches make a follow-up action, such as getting in touch with the brand or visiting a particular store 

Businesses have many ways to attract new customers. This can be in the form of ads, emails, and social media posts  

However, there’s another avenue that businesses shouldn’t overlook—and that is Google. 75% of shoppers worldwide turn to Google and its related products, including Google SearchGoogle Maps, and Google Assistant when shopping. There’s a great potential for your business to be discovered by these shoppers if you can leverage the platform.  

Below, we’re outlining the ways you can use Google to reach new customers.  


Make it Easy for Customers to Find You

It can be challenging to grow your business if you don’t have a robust online presenceThrough Google, you can make your business more discoverable 

Leveraging this platform gives you access to additional channels that can make you more visible to potential customers. It also makes it easier for them to engage with your business.

Here are some of the ways you can use Google to expand your reach:


1. Optimize for Google Search

Google Search

You can optimize for Google Search by adding keywords that relevant to your business onto your website. This will help your website rank in Google Search results when someone searches for those keywords. 

You can use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner to find keywords related to your industry. 

Example: Say you are a plumber. Some keywords that may be related to your business are “plumber, local plumber, plumbing services, plumber in boca raton florida”. These are the keywords you’d want to have on your website. 


2. Utilize Google Maps

Google Maps

If you have a physical store, you should list your business on Google MapsGoogle Maps helps potential customers easily discover and learn more about your business. Information shown on Google Maps includes your address, contact details, store hours, photos of your establishment, and customer reviews. 

Being on Google Maps gives you a more competitive edge. Customers can get directions to your business and gain access to essential business information.  

Keep in mind that any information on Google Maps should be accurate and up to date. A wrong address or phone number may drive away potential customers. 

Google Assistant

3. Add your business to Google Assistant

Google Assistant can increase your business’s visibility when someone does a local search via voice. People can ask Google Assistant for information about local businesses. You’ll want to ensure your business information is on Google Assistant.  


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